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Default So this really kinda pissed me off.

I'm not sure if any of you guys know what "Brotips" is, but they recently posted an article that really got under my skin.

The article is called, "College Bro Has a Genius Method for Picking Up More Chicks." And guess what the method is? That's right - buying a hedgehog. Now this probably annoyed me more because I'm a woman, but I believe it's unacceptable that that would be the main reason for getting a hedgehog.

Here's just a snippet of the article:
"A hedgehog packs the divine power to shatter any chastity belt, and **** it, he did his job."

... really? Ugh, that just totally makes me mad. They did wrap up the article with something like, "there are a lot of orphaned hedgehogs without homes so you should go get one." But still, the message isn't rescuing a hedgehog, it's getting one so you can get girls.

Here's the full article if you're interested:

Anywho, end rant. Sorry if this offends anyone, just wanted to share it.

Edit: I commented on their Facebook page about how hedgies can be difficult to take care of, etc. but so far no one has acknowledged it.
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