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Seconding the bath idea! It's easiest for me to get their feet without them curling up when they're in an inch or two of water, and you'll also have clean toes to work with. xD What I've had to do is gently hold them against the side of the sink, so I can make sure their heads stay out of the water and to be able to get a good hold on those tiny feets. Another thing is speed; Obviously until you both get comfortable and in a routine it might be difficult, but the fast you can clip their nails the less time they have to get wiggly!

And if she starts to get wiggly, let her go and give her a few minutes to walk around and have a break before you scoop her up again. I have to do this with Tembo, so bath time can last a while, but I can get most of his toes clipped in one sitting that way. I also give him mealies after bath time/nail clipping as a treat for putting up with it! :'D
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