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Default New Hedgie on the Block

So today when I was rushing off to class (I live at a college where hedgehogs are allowed as pets), there were two guys struggling to get a cage through the door. I held the door for them and they said something about going to get a hedgehog. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to talk, and was so surprised by the fact there is another hedgehog around that I didn't say anything. The more I think about it however, the more I worry.

Thinking back to how little I knew about hedgehogs and how many newcomers struggle with their first hedgies, I'm really wishing I had stopped to talk to these guys more. The cage looked good, solid plastic bottom, plenty big, wire top...but what if they don't have adequate heat? Minnesota weather sucks for hedgies, and the dorms aren't nearly warm enough without some sort of extra heat. What if they are feeding crappy food? What if they don't keep the environment clean enough (we are talking about typical college students here)? I don't know these guys so there is no way for me to deliberately seek them out, and even if I could, I don't know what I would do. I just wish I had thought to refer them to HHC as a resource.

Am I being condescending by spending my time and energy worrying about a hedgie belonging to people I don't even know?
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