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Hey Latrine!

I may be wrong, but I think I remember you saying that the breeder that you're getting your baby from, is the same breeder that let his hedgehog pose on the cover of National Geographic? The young man?

If that's the same breeder, from what I understand, he seems reliable (key word - SEEMS). But what you explained DOES sound super sketchy. If they finally sent a picture, though, that's good news. But dodging your questions is weird. Also, I just had a chance to check out his website, and he doesn't list any care instructions or anything, which is odd because most breeders do list information about taking care of their hedgies. All he mentioned were the prices, how he bought the breeder's company (at only 18 years old) and the NatGeo cover.

I would do what Lilymommy suggested, and ask him something specific about how he takes care of his hedgies. Hopefully everything ends up okay, though!
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