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Default Breeder keeps changing date for baby..

I'm being patient, I swear, but I'm starting to get uneasy now. I never should have given this deposit, I should not have access to my credit card while on pain medicine, (following a surgery) Clear headed now :/

I had originally been told 'first week of April', then when it comes along I send a message and suddenly it's for the middle of April, now they are saying 'still' the end of April. (Still??)
According to the website, these babies had been born around the 3rd of March and earlier.

I actually told them this time that they are making me nervous, they asked why and I told them, "you have my money and you keep changing the date with no explanation!"
When I email asking for pictures of my hedgehog, they don't respond, once they directed me to 'pictures' they had posted on their website but that doesn't show me mine, those could be any pictures.

They've asked me exactly zero questions about my knowledge of hedgehog care, just wanted that deposit. When I asked what kind of food they give, they tell me I can use whatever I want.

Of course I want my baby to be healthy and ready to go before she comes home but I'm starting to worry that maybe there aren't any hedgehogs available from them at all, ya know?

I am wondering if it would be 'wiser' to get my deposit back and wait until I can make a longer trip to someone else who will actually communicate with me.. Not many breeders in South Carolina, I'm going to have to go to North, I guess.
Am I being obnoxious? I'm just worried.. I've done a ton of research on hedgehogs, and you guys have been an enormous help.. if I do get the baby, what kind of condition is it going to be in if they don't even care what kind of food I give it?

- Sarah

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