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You did a good job for now. In the future, it'd be better to keep her out, either under your shirt or on a heating pad set on low until she's completely warmed up. A warmed-up blanket doesn't stay warm for long, so you want to have her out until you know she's completely warm.

Definitely make sure you keep her out after a bath in the future until she's completely dry. For after baths, I usually used two towels and a few fleece blankets for Lily - out of the bath & into a towel to hang out while I cleaned up, out of that towel & into the second for a rub down, then into a fleece blanket & we went to sit down and cuddle. As we cuddled (I made sure we had at least 1-2 hours to cuddle after a bath), I switched her into dry fleece blankets every so often to make sure she wasn't staying damp from the blanket. Might have been overkill, but it worked for us!
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