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Default Re: Please permanently delete account

Originally Posted by allears.fan
I apologize for being unruly on here (again). I had came across some nasty posts about me on another forum. I would love to be a part of something bigger then going on this journey alone.

On other forums some people said i haven't been truth. ALl i have been was truthful. I don't see what makes people think I'm a lier and negatively talk about somebody in general. All i did was ask whether or not a breeder was reputable and everybody else started talking negatively about a breeder. If you are on that forum as well, you will know what i am talking about.

So as you can see my experiances with forum websites have not been positive which is why i sometimes act defendsive towards people and act the way i do. People have accused me of stuff that I haven't done.

And i know everybody is in deed looking for the care hedgehogs.
Here you go again. I'm done with trying to help you. If you honestly do not see where you have been caught in lies or why people are so frustrated with you, then you need more help than any of us can give you. As I have said numerous times before, just because you edit your posts after someone calls you on what you wrote, people still remember what you've said.

I will say once more, I think you continue because you like the drama.
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