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Unhappy Hedgie not eating or drinking

Hello everyone! Wondering if you can give me any advice or reassurance.
My hedgehog, Rosie, went to the vet on Friday, acting very strange. She hadn't eaten, drank anything, or even moved that night. She went to the vet that morning, and he said it was the "time of the year" for them, and she seemed to be having cramps and shedding quills which was making her uncomfortable, as well as her hormones making her act different (wouldn't uncurl, wasn't doing her normal jumping when you touched her)
Anyways, she got better after the vet, and we thought nothing of it. However, since then, she hasn't been eating or drinking anything. We tried everything, but the only thing she's eating is live mealworms. She is overweight and we are trying to lighten her diet, but since Friday she hasn't eaten a thing! So after five or six mealworms I ran out.
We called her trusted vet, who told us its important to get her in right away. We're taking her in tomorrow morning at 8:30, and he needs to put her under and take blood to run tests. I am EXTREMELY WORRIED about this, even though he says it's safe for them to be put under and take blood.
Not only am I worried about tomorrow, but I am worried about her tonight.
She's been exercising like normal, but she hasn't drank anything, so I took her wheel and exercise ball today so she doesn't dehydrate herself further.

The doctor told us to try ANYTHING to get her to eat and drink (within reason of course) to get her to eat/drink. He said to even go as far as prune juice, at any consistency, to get SOMETHING in her.
We've tried: bananas, apples, strawberries, cheerios, honey ham, fish, lettuce, and wet cat food. Nothing. I also tried hard cat foods: Purina One Beyond, Blue Buffalo: Wilderness, Innova: Weight Management, and PureVita. NOTHING. Only mealworms, which I have run out of
As far as drinks, I've tried 100% apple juice, 50/50 apple juice/water, and 1/5 apple juice rest water. I have also tried cranberry juice. Nothing worked. Also tried both purified and regular tap water. Still won't drink.

Does anybody else have any suggestions to try? We are picking up plain yogurt, crickets, and watermelon tonight to try.

Also, I am VERY concerned and worried about the tests. I'm worried about her being put under, and what the test will turn out to be. Has anyone had any experience with their hedgie being put under? Or refusal to drink? I guess hunger strikes are fairly common, but its serious when they don't drink.

Overall, I need reassurance I am SO worried I know I will get no sleep tonight and I'm just so stressed out. I already paid $60 for the first vet appointment, and tomorrow's is gonna cost $160. I can't afford much, as I am only 17 on a part time job. My mom and boyfriend are helping me out with the bills, but I'm not sure how much we can afford to do this... Rosie is my BABY and I can't imagine putting her down so early in life (she is only two years old) but I'm so scared it's going to be something like cancer or a disease that is gonna cost lots of money in vet bills.

I am just so stressed. Can anyone help me out on this?
I love my hedgehog, Rosie <3
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