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I am truly sorry that you feel that people have not been treating you with respect. However, as Nancy mentioned, it's your behavior that has caused your problems. People have been nothing but supportive on here offering suggestions and even answering your multiple posts over and over again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with belonging to numerous forums and collecting information but when you question the integrity of the advice given (especially by breeders with years upon years of experience) and decide to just do what you want, people ARE going to have a problem with that! I've read some of your posts on another website as well and I saw quite a few times where you said that you were getting a hedgehog but never actually went through with it (for a multitude of reasons that I will not get into). This flip-flopping, multiple posts asking the same question, wanting to breed before knowing ANYTHING about hedgehogs (let alone breeding them), having to ask your father for permission (at 23 years old? Not saying it isn't true or that it doesn't happen but it adds to the doubt of your age), seeming more concerned about finding a name for your hedgie than finding the proper housing, "deleting" your account and then starting another under another name and then trying to lie about it; these things all have led to what you consider "lack of respect".

I know that you have said in the past that you are suffering from the loss of your beloved dog who was your best friend. I think that's something that most people on here can relate to~ We have all lost someone or something close to us and it's not easy!! I know all about depression and Bi-Polar Disorder and they are to be taken very seriously. To replace a pet that has passed on with another pet isn't always the best idea, but if you are looking for a place to learn about hedgehogs and to make new friends then this is the place. I think that your decision on getting a hedgehog was a bit spur of the moment and more research would be the best idea (perhaps more reading and listening and less posting are key)! Sure we all think hedgehogs are adorable, but that doesn't make them the right pet for everyone. Everyone has welcomed you with open arms even accepting your apologies and request for a fresh start. I know we've all need that at one point or another in our lives and this could be yours! Please think about what you are saying because I think it's more a case of "you get what you give".

Again, if you do feel that online forums are not the way for you, just be sure to do all the research you can before deciding on owning an exotic pet. A hedgehog is a far cry from a dog~ that I can guarantee. But maybe down the road, you will decide that it's the right animal for you and I hope that by then you have realized that the people here (and on the other forums) only want what's best for the hedgehogs and would NEVER steer you wrong!

You have my e-mail if you ever want to talk. I'm also in NJ and was recently approved for the Hedgehog Welfare Society (yay!!) and want nothing but the best for our spikey little friends. But I also don't want you to leave feeling shunned because no one ever wanted you to feel that way.

Thanks for your time,

Melissa & Miss Muffet
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