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Default Re: Please permanently delete account

Really? I just looked through all your posts and I don't see anyone disrespecting you. People have answered your questions(I know I did), people have taken your input into consideration, people have given you other options for pets(thus making everyone else WANT a rat ). It looked like everything was going well.

Now it feels like you're disrespecting THEM, because you don't like them being nice to you, so you want to leave again? What have you done to deserve respect?

Going around saying that life is unfair is a poor excuse for your behaviour. Life is unfair for everyone, and we just have to work through it. So far, I've lost my dog, my cat, both my chinchillas, both my birds, my rabbit from when I was little...Guess what? Many people are on depression meds(I know I am) to just be barely getting by(and almost end up at the hospital, but I was home alone with no one to take me). And you know what? I'm not here looking for pity, not here to look for sympathy. I'm here to make sure I do whatever I can to give my boy a healthy and happy home.

Perhaps you really should take a step back and REALLY think about why you are here, and why you want a hedgie. If you are looking for absolute unconditional love, not all hedgies will give it to you. Some people may luck out, and some people will have absolute grumpy balls of needles. There are many other options for pets who would show that devotion actively and willingly. Like the rats that were mentioned, ferrets can be fun too(I've wanted one for a long time as well), my chinchilla was very sweet and LOVED getting scratched under her chin, and would alternate sides. If you want more options, then go back to your thread that you had started, and ask more about the rats, ask about what other pets other people have owned, and the pros and cons of each. Then you can determine which sort of animal suits you the best, and go from there.

Even better option. Go to your local SPCA and start volunteering. You'll be surrounded by desperate animals who just want love and care. You can learn a lot about animal care, and from there decide which animal suits your needs.
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