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Default Re: Please permanently delete account

People get respect when they earn it. Asking for your account and your posts to be deleted only makes you look bad. If you are being truthful you would not feel the need to edit your posts or to ask to have them removed.

Why not show some maturity and start posting like everyone else. Quit blaming your problems with the forums on other people. It is your own behaviour that has caused your problems and nothing will change until you change. People have told you they are willing to forgive so you can start over but your behaviour does not change. The more you try to cover things up, the worse it makes you look. Yes, it is going to take a while to live down the way you have acted but you are the one that is keeping it going. People have told you why you are having problems yet you don't change. It's almost as if you like to have all this drama.

You want respect, then start earning it.
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