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Default Re: Hey From Future Hedgie Owners!

Your friends only think you're insane because all they'll ever have is dogs or cats and maybe a hamster. Exotics are a whole new world and I have found keeping binders is a great way to keep your things organized. One of our pups was born with a very serious illness, so he has a huge binder chock full of all of his vet records. It also helps if I have to get a new vet [if I move or don't like my current one, etc.] to have all of his information in one place, esp. having his and our other dog's rabies vaccination certificates right on-hand with date and all. It just makes sense.

And then with exotics it's nice to have emergency and general information at your fingertips. What happens if you're traveling and can't access the internet? You'll need to add to your binder, before you leave, directions and phone numbers to all exotic vets on the way! You can't just stop at any old vet. They also tend to have much more complex needs. Sugar gliders are not as intimidating to feed as one may think. I follow the easier of the 2 most popular diets. It ain't no thang. I understand not feeling ready though and waiting until you are. I studied up for many months, but still lost my 1st pair within 6 months. It was many years until I got my boys that I have now. It is always important to know when the time simply isn't right. I am sure you will adore them when you get a pair, though!
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