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Default Re: Hey From Future Hedgie Owners!

I appreciate that Kelsey!

I impulse bought a guinea pig when I was young. I had it in an aquarium with a wheel and several other bad things. It was a nightmare! I got the help of a woman in a guinea pig rescue via the web, but I learned a lot that day about being impulsive when it comes to ownership of a pet. Now I always make sure I am read up and I frequently enlist the help of more experienced owners well before and after I bring a new baby home. After my big guinea pig-scapade I built a huge C&C cage, took away the wheel and got safe toys, some g-pig buddies, good food, hay, etc. I learned my lesson! I also later realized that guinea pigs were not for me. I took very good care of them up until they all passed away [I even saved one from death row], but I knew that I had made a mistake and that they would be my last guinea pigs.

Now I make sure I know as much as I can before I bring a new baby home. There is no such thing as "too prepared". I'm so glad someone pointed this site out to me. A regular godsend!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome.
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