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Welcome to HHC It's so great that you are doing the research before you get your hedgie and you guys will be great hedgie parents. For tips/things I'd share these are some of my top ones
Making sure you have a heating plan to make sure the hedgies temperature can be around 75 (may be slightly more or slighly more depending on the hedgie)

Fleece is such an awesome bedding choice and I love how clean the cage stays with it

Most will drink more from a water bowl. When getting dishes if you get small heavy crocks then it will be less likely they may decide to go to the bathroom in one (some never do this but it has happened)

You'll want a cage that gives at least 2sq feet as a minimum after the accessories are in there. I use a Ferret Nation and my favorite thing about it is its sturdy and the doors open so wide that cleaning is a breeze.

The cake topper wheels are so wonderful to clean and quiet.

Im sure I may think of more later but these are some of the top things I can think of Welcome to HHC and I can't wait to see pics when you get your new addition
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