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Question Hey From Future Hedgie Owners!

Hi there! I have posted one other thread, but I thought I'd do a proper introduction for the sake of it.

My husband and I are caregivers to several furry and feathery critters and both of us are interested in adding a hedgehog to the mix someday (soon?). I have loved hedgehogs ever since I was a little girl and went to a 4-H with my family and was allowed to handle a baby hedgie. So cute! Hubbs was ogling and giggling at a hedgehog photo on Cute Overload when he suddenly blurted out, "I want a hedgehog." Since I am usually the one begging for more wee ones, this was a surprise! We are not ready just yet as we are moving next month, so we're hoarding all of our extra money and there is just no reason to rush out and get one and cause it undue stress due to 2 moves in less than 30 days. Plus I am not done researching!

This site has already been an invaluable wealth of information. I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing the cage thread and seeing everyone's cool cages! I was also happy to see suggestions for improvement and rules laid out about what is safe and what is not, which I hope will help me to get it right the first time depending on what I choose for our cage. I also thank everyone who helped me fix up my food list so that I could have a good outline on what I am going to feed.

If anyone has anywhere they want to point me, any tips they want to give, anything at all I am always most grateful. All of our animals are very spoiled, loved and well cared for and the hedgehog that joins us someday will get the same treatment as everyone else!
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