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Default New girl on the block, needs Hedgehog Advice please(:

Hello everyone! (:

My name is Jessica and I'm a new mommy to my amazing little man Dexter. He's 5 months old and i got him from a licensed breeder near my town when he was 3 months old. I recently started to notice some behavior changes and some health changes about a month and a half ago.

I'm sorry this may be long.

I realized that he had new quills coming in and he was a little grouchy, which is fine. I checked his quills and there doesn't seem to be anymore growing in. It's been a month now since they started coming in. Now he seems to be more aggressive. He doesn't like to be pet, or held. He huffs a lot and bites often. I don't have food on my hands so i'm confused why he bites. I also noticed that his stool is a bit off. It seems to be a little green and dark with some mucus, i read that this could be an infection or stress. This other part may seem weird but it looks like he humps the ground a lot by pulling his head down towards his tummy and pulls his butt towards his tummy. He also has an erection, which i assume is an erection because his penis looks like a long line on the stomach. Lastly i see some clear stringy mucus that i think comes out of his butt sometimes as he walks around.

This is all very confusing for me and i am considering taking him to the vet but they are very costly. I would like to hear from some of you to help me decide if a vet visit is necessary and/or help me diagnose what may be wrong.

Thank you so much! I appreciate any help that you can offer(:
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