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Talking For our hamster owners :)

So as many people on the forum know, I work for a pet store in Tampa. Well I got to work today and was all but pounced upon by my managers to take a look at a hamster that was brought in for adoption a few weeks ago.

They thought she looked a little funny. It turns out she is super pregnant.

Now, usually the store keeps the momma in the Wellness Room while her babies are born and weened, but we have a few new associates at the store. We had another hamster that had babies a few weeks ago and we are assuming one of the new people did a bedding change before the 2 week mark and all the babies "disappeared". No one will fess up though. So right away I volunteered to foster the mommy Syrian while she has the babies and raises them to about 4 weeks then I plan to bring them back to get homes.

Question though, does anyone think the car trip home (~20 minutes) is going to freak her out too bad? Because she was surrendered to the store, I don't know if she is going to have babies tonight, or 3 days from now.. I have her in a quiet corner of the living room and gave her some tissues which she is eagerly shredding and building a nest... So, no matter what she has a quiet place to live for the next little while...

Any thoughts????
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