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Default Re: Eating carefresh

Zeus did that when we first started using Carefresh, back when that was what we used. Anything new in his house must be a snack, right?

I cut the sleeves and neck off a T-shirt, so it was a tube, then put his litter box inside and taped it so he couldn't get into it. He could still get in the litter box (we use a Sterilite paper sized drawer from a 3-drawer desk set), and smell the Carefresh. He still used the litter box. After a few days, we took the T-shirt material off, and I assume since now it smelled like his poop and pee, he didn't eat it. He hasn't tried it since.

I'm sure it won't work for everyone, but it's an idea if you want to try it. Good luck!

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