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Default Eating carefresh

Anyone else have a problem with their hedgie eating carefresh? We use it in the litter box and I found our girl gaging and throwing up this morning, she seemed ok after she stopped so I cleaned it up and went back to bed I didn't see any carefresh in it at that time but the light was low and I wasn't looking for it so there might have been some. When I woke up again I found little patches of what looked like half digested food also with bits of carefresh in it. I took it out imediately, just sucks cause we just bought a huge bag of it for like 30 bucks an used it like twice an now this happens... Can't find the receit either. I'm just wondering if she was eating it for the same reason cats and dogs eat grass to aid them in throwing up or not. Guess it's best to just be safe and leave it out from now on to be sure.
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