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Default Re: What Do I Need To Bring A Hedgie home?

To bring your hedgie home from where you are getting it is best to have a hard sided cat carrier if you are bringing them home in a car so that it can be buckled in and because its the safest thing in a vehicle. You can add fleece and hedgie bags to make it so they don't slide around in there.

For a cage I use a modified Ferret Nation, if I couldn't get that one my second choice would be a plastic bottom, wire topped cage. I'd make sure it had an absolute bare miniumum of 2 square feet but just based on my experience with my hedgehog I really feel that the minium is way to low and don't think I would feel comfortable with anything less than 4 sq feet. There is an excellent thread in Housing that shows wonderful cage set ups

I think one of the most important things I would pass on would be that keeping your hedgie at the correct temperture (75 degrees is an average temp with some liking it a degree or two warmer and a few liking it cooler) is crutial. For food choices you can check out Reapers for your mix, its recommended to have 2-3 quality cat foods for your mix. You have to wait a few weeks before incorporting anything new into their diet after they get home and its important to only incorporte one thing at a time and then watch for adverse reactions. You'll want to make sure that they are getting 12-14 hours of light a day too.

Lizardgirl has an awesome book she put together that has all the valuable info that you will need to have a happy healthy hedgie. The information is up to date in it. You can do a search to read the pdf file and I believe there is information if you would like to buy the book.

I think its great you are researching before getting your baby and I can't wait to see pics.
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