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Default Re: What Do I Need To Bring A Hedgie home?

welcome...good for you to get info before your baby comes home.

First, you say you're gettign them from a pet shop? The problem with that is you don't know their background, if there is any WHS in their lineage, if they are inbred etc. When you are ready to breed try to find a breeder with some good heathly lines and get the hedgies from there. You should also find a mentor to help with breeding problems etc.

I agree that a tank is a really bad idea. If you use lights to heat them what happens when you turn the light off at night? Most hedgies don't like infared lights either. A ceramic heat emitter would heat the tank...but the glass will get to warm and the ventilation isn't good. Hedgies have delicate lungs so need good venitation as their poop can be very strong smelling when fresh. I have a 66 gal tank for my fish and I wouldn't be comfortabe using it for even 1 hedgie as I don't think it would be big enough, you should have 2 square feet of open space, per hedgie, once everything is in it. With 2 hedgies you will need, two wheels, 2 sets of dishes, and 2 sleeping places. And be prepared if one day they decide they don't want to share a cage anymore. The wodent wheel is good for gliders, I used to have some gliders, but its not good for a hedgie as they poop and pee when they run and a wodent wheels would trap everything in there with them.

Good luck with your new hedgie
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