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Default Re: What Do I Need To Bring A Hedgie home?

Ok, So where do I get the special wheel? My sugar gliders use a special wheel too. A Wodant wheel.

Understandable about the breeding situation.
What is a liner?

I have been reading through threads for atleast three hours, Im still confused as everyone says different stuff.

Yes, Im getting her from a petstore.

I have raised many animals in my life and im very big on rescues, I adapt to animals and their lifestyle very easily with the correct information. I have raised orphaned Opossums to bottle fed orphaned newborn kittens/pups to newborn rabbits. The list is alot bigger.

I am prepared for the rejection. Gliders also sometimes reject their joeys, Luckily I have not had to experience it but I am prepared.

My problem is getting the correct information.

I have credit cards, So if worst ever comes to worst with C sections, Yes I am preparred. I have Leu, Mosiac and WFB sugar gliders. Their price range is from $300 (WFB) to 1000 (LEU) To 1,200 for Mosiac.

I also already have an exotic vet for a checkup and then anything after needed.

Many people have told me my 75 gallon was good, Now im going to go research that. I actually had planned on using lights to heat the aqariums.
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