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Default What Do I Need To Bring A Hedgie home?

I have been wanting a hedgie forever. I bought one today after doing alot of research. I am not picking her up until Thursday after I get all my facts and her cage straight.

it seems everyone has different ways of taking care of them. Can some peopl maybe show me the best way? Best diet?

I would EVENTUALLY POSSIBLY way later on, Start breeding. So All advice on that is appriciated too. Right now Im starting off with one girl, possibly two.

Can she be housed with another female, Maybe I can buy her sister too? I have a 75 gallon aqarium. I know they like wheels, Just plain on wheels? Or special wheels? I also know they like hide-outs Anyones better than otheres? Wooden? Plastic? What Is the best bedding?

I asked the petshop this too, They didnt say much. They handed me a short care sheet that didnt have much information on it. Since I have been looking everything up and getting alot of different veiws. I would really like to see some veiws from people who own them. PLEASE dont hesitate to tell me anything.

I held her, She didn't seem like her pointies we're sharp, Do they ever hurt you? Little scratches don't bother me.

I read they can eat cat food? Is Purina Indoor cat chow okay? Fruits Veggies and Mealworms too? Please ! ALL advice would be great. THANK YOU! = )

I will share pictures after I pick her up.
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