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she started taking antibiotics last Thursday and yesterday I found blood stains in her cage. I first thought she hurt her leg, inspected her thoroughly and found no cuts or bruises. 8 hours later I inspected her again, her belly was bloody and when I was washing her while she was laying on her back, I noticed blood was coming from her urethra.

I do not want to loose her during surgery, I've read and heard many stories when hedgies did not survive surgery because they lost lots of blood. She has been loosing blood for almost 2 months. I do not know any experienced doctor here in Vancouver, I have e-mailed 12 vet hospitals in the area which do accept small pets or exotic pets. I am not sure what to do. She keeps eating normally, I am just freaking out she may be in pain, I do not want her to suffer. I am truly not sure what to do here.

What would you suggest if you would be in my shoes please?
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