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Default Blood in urine, excessive sneezing, lump in belly + what did vet say

Hello everyone,

I decided to share my and Pipka's story with other hedgehog owners in a case you are going through the same process.

Pipka was a happy hedgie, bought on Craigslist, the ad lied about her gender so might have lied about her age as well. If I believe the ad said truth, Pipka should be about 2 years old.

Everything was ok health wise, she was always little grumpy lil girl, but everything changed when my fiance and I came back from New York on December 23, 2013. She was not able to keep her front legs together, was falling, could not stand and could not walk, she stopped eating and when I put her on the couch, she was leaving tiny puddles of urine and also sticky trails. Later I realized those sticky trails were blood trails. She started sneezing in November, we first thought it was allergies as our then vet told us she might have some allergies.

Our previous vet did not seem to care that much about her but he kept charging us like he was delivering the best care in the world. We decided to see another vet, not very experienced with hegies, but this was emergency. He weighted her (0.4 pounds), did x-ray scan (twice) and found little gray area in her belly.

We did not pay much attention to that. Today I saw the vet again. He examined her, felt her through her whole body, I helped him to held her when he was examining her belly and he found quite a big lump there. I asked him to do x-ray once again. Once again, he found the same grey tissue in her belly. He told me that it might be nothing, but it may be tumor as well, as it feels as tumor.

He prescribed her antibiotics (Clavamox) for that sneezing and also blood in her urine, as there's still a blood (I bought Rapid Response Urinalysis Reagent Strips for checking blood in Pipka's urine).

Now regarding the dosage, the doctor prescribed her the smallest dosage (0.1 ml). My question is, is it ok dosage for hedgehog that weights 0.4 pounds? I want these antibiotics to help her sneezing at least as she sneezes a lot and I do not want to underdose her.

I believe that what Pipka is dealing with is a tumor. I love this girl very much, did not sleep the whole night and while we were waiting for the x-rays, I teared up. I will opt for the surgery, I just need to know whether there have been cases where hedgie came out alive. I know Aether's Relm did not as that poor baby already lost lots of blood and I do not want to loose her that quickly.

I am not sure what to do. If you please have experience with surgeries, lump that just turned out to be the soft tissue, please share it with me as I need lots of help right now. I love that little bundle more I could have every imagined and her health really got toll on me (I lost 6 kilograms). I am not here to complain about myself, I just need to hear from someone they put their hedgie under the scalpel and it went awesome.

If you please have any questions, suggestions, reach out to me. I would truly appreciate each reaction from you.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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