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The first day we had him he was scatching non stop.I don't know if the mites are visible but if they are I have seen none. He isn't on shavings he is on a fleece cloth bottom as of last night. He did scratch a little but not nearly as much as the first night.

However since today's bath, he hasn't scratched at all. The scabby like skin is not there anymore and what was yellowish pinkish skin is just pink.

Could this have been over itching due to quilling?

-Also I can't get him to sit still enough for me to get a picture of the side of his face with the 'rash', and in every picture so far it just looks reddish.Though in the area of the 'rash' it looks like there isn't as much fur as the otherside.

Thanks for the help by the way
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