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From this couple-years-old thread, it looks like you might be able to find a STO-centric forum on yahoo that might be more useful for having a higher concentration of owners.

Here's a more recent thread discussing them; if you don't hear from any current owners on this thread, try direct-messaging some of the ones who commented on that one.

I wonder if any of the ideas about hedgehog-wheels could help you. Because our little guys aren't very dexterous, we use solid-surface wheels. For the ones who have never had them before, sometimes it takes some "training" by putting them in the wheel, gently blocking them in, and turning the wheel slowly for a few steps. Repeat every night for a few weeks until they get the idea to start running on their own.

We've also found that habit and regular patterns can help with bonding (make a routine of talking to them, letting them sniff you, and getting them out at the same time). If STOs have an amazing sense of smell, try to always smell the same (unscented soaps, unscented detergents) and wash your hands before handling to get rid of any food/work/life smells.

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