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Default new short-tailed opossum

Hey guys! I don't actually have a hedgehog, I found a thread from this forum on a search for short-tailed opossums. I recently bought one and am wondering if any of you have experience with them?
I used to keep rats and missed them, and I wanted another but my boyfriend really is unnerved by them, so when I saw the STOs at the pet store and asked about them I bought one. I have a little female named Peggy, I think she is a young adult but I don't know her exact age. The pet store has had them in a month or two and the associate said they have grown a bit since coming in. I am keeping her in a wire cage, she has an exercise wheel she hasn't started using yet and I put a sock in with her that she loves sleeping in. She has never hissed at me but isn't tame either, unless I am cupping her against me in my hands she tries to run away. From my reading though even adults will tame up with time. So far I have fed her crickets and a hedgehog food the associate suggested, it is what they were feeding her in the store. It is called ultra-blends select hedgehog diet. I have read that high-quality cat food is better than any hedgehog food, but that the hedgehog food I have is one of the better ones. What cat food do they like? Probably whatever cat food hedgehogs like since they are both insectivores. I am going to boil her an egg soon and maybe try some fruits and veggies.

Today she let me pet her while she was cupped against my chest while I was on the couch, she seemed to like it. I have a 2 month old son so my days are pretty busy but I plan on spending time bonding with her every day when he is napping or down for the night.

I've read about all there is offered on them online and am looking to connect to other sto fans and get some tips. How long does it usually take an adult sto to tame? What kind of foods did yours like? What are their favorite fruits and veggies?
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