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Default Re: Will A Hedgie Need A Heater In Summer??

It really depends on how you want to heat the cage.
If you are using a Ceramic heat emitter, then most people will use that all year round, as it just gets plugged into a thermostat and it will turn on/off according to the temperature of the cage.

If you are using a space heater, then you will have to decide raising the temp of the a/c. Always remember that a/c air is cooler than heated air. So even if your a/c says 75, it may feel more like 70. In the summer, my a/c is set at about 78, and my cage thermometer reads 75. This will vary with each individual housing.

If you need more info on the CHE's, you can search for it(located upper right corner) as there are many threads on what you need and how to set up.
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