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Default Re: Not eating, vomitting, green stool. Expert advice needed

I thought I'd give everyone an update on PuffPuff. I'm sorry to say that the news is not good...

It's been over a month since she stopped eating on her own. We have been syringe feeding her this whole time, but she never got her appetite back. At one point she ate some scrambled eggs, but that only lasted 2 days. She is only sometimes interested in mealworms now, and will chew one up and spit out the skin, or take a bite and then stop trying to eat it. Another visit to the vet confirmed that her digestive system was working normally. We came home with some experimental liver medication but it didn't do anything.

A few days ago, she started dragging her bum on the floor. Now, she can no longer support her body. I have to carry her from her sleeping area to the litter box. The cutest thing is she will still hold it until she gets to her litterl box. I called the vet yesterday with this update and she says it's most likely WHS, which she suspected the entire time. She thinks PuffPuff had an underlying neurological problem before she stopped eating and may have also developed FLD on top of that.

I know that my baby is about to leave me. There's nothing else I can do for her. I can only watch her lose control of her little body. I don't know whether she is in pain and whether it is cruel to keep force feeding her. She's getting worse by the day, but I'm really not ready to lose her. This is the most terrible feeling in the world.
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