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It seems too, that the older they get the more noises they make when they sleep. My Nara is now 3.5 years and during the day she makes all kinds of weird sounds--snores, snorts, sighs, little moans. When I check, she's fast asleep. I have never heard her scream--somewhere out there, there's a video of a hedgie at the vets just screaming--you wouldn't think such a small animal could make such a noise.

When I have her out with me, she must be dreaming of running on her wheel, because her legs move. (or maybe chasing crickets).

I saw the xrays in the other post. Their spines are weird, they look so flexible. You can see why they are able to ball up. Thanks for posting them.

I suppose hedgies are like us, some of us snore!

Interesting topic.

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