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Tongue Flicker: Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a "weird" hedgie That's actually what confuses me - because insectivores are "lower vertebrates" - they do not have brain cortex. That doesn't mean, their inteligence is lower, but it should mean they aren't capable of some things. I never was good at neurology, but I red somewhere that the cerebral cortex is the place for long-term memories, capability to bond with somebody and so on... I went through a lot of threads on this forum and found lots of proofs, that this wasn't true and hedgies do bond to their owners and remember pretty well. ANyway, who knows, and dreaming doesn't have it's origin in neocortex (think it's a "function" of limbic system as well as emotions - and all vertebrates have that) and obviosuly "even" hedgies do dream

Annie&Tibbers: Thanks for the guide, I'll go through it too I'm the type of person, who want's to know about his animals, so I'm doing my best. And as I wrote - I'm finishing school in 2 years adn want to be a small animal and hedgehog specialist. We do have some vets good at rodents, ferrets and rabbits, but none at hedgies and there are quite a few hedgehog owners now even in my country, so it's time there was a doctor for them too
This really is a cat-like scream on the vid. Mr Quills either screamed more like a baby crying or he does little cries maybe a bit similiar to a rubber duck squeking. And then the mating sounds - but that obviously wasn't a nightmare
Sure, I do have the x-rays and don't mind posting them. I show them to my friends because they do look funny I'll post them in a new thread in the health part of the forum, so other people can have a look, ok?
Thanks - I'm happy to be here with you hedgie-guys
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