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Has anyone had any experience with the recycled paper type beddings? I switched from pine chips to Boxo about two months ago, when Beck had mites and I completely disinfected and cleaned his cage. Beck's been losing quills continually since then, presumably from mite damage. But it's STILL going on, and getting worse, though no mites are visible anywhere on him. They're coming out with the follicle.
Is there any chance he's allergic to the Boxo bedding..?

He's on Revolution again, and I'm thinking I'm going to disinfect his cage again and switch to a fleece liner. It's $80 to do a fungal skin test, and I'm trying to decide if I should take him in today or wait and see if he improves in a bit with the Revolution. I don't want a bald hedgie. He's is starting to look sparse. He seems to be losing most quills over his haunches and bum/tail area. He actually has a bare spot above his tail now.
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