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Thank you for the feed back I had no idea that was true of wet food vs dry. Gives me something to think about. I have been wanting to get her eating closer to a holistic diet like what a lot of people on here seem to be doing, but wet food seems like a good option for transitioning or as a supliment.

It actually doesn't bother me that his nutrion info wasn't as up to date as it could be, because I know vets hardly get taught that stuff but it was a little off putting anyways LOL.

Chances are is that I will see him again since I don't like the the third vet they have there, and my first choice is often booked since he is the head vet, so I am relived to have that feed back. If the grapes do come up again i will let him that I have heard they are toxic. Like at said at the time i didn't want him to think i was just being argumentative because I said I didn't like hedgehog food. He did mention some hedgie foods are better than others which i have seen is true.

Thanks again
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