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Default Questions about URI treatment and some things the vet said....

Alright so Yesterday was Petra's second visit to the vet, This time she didn't see my favorite vet in the clinic but one of the new vets they have.

This time I wasn't just having new owner panic and she does have a URI. We are treating her with Septra and Baytril twice a day. It's very hard to get into her, at fist she'd eat it hidden in a bit of gross smell science diet A/D but she must have gotten a taste of it, so now I am syringing it in hidden in a tiny bit of watered down A/D. He had taken a smear of her nose and said there wasn't anything too odd on it, BUT it could be we caught this really early (she has been sneezing, and her nose is dripping but it's clear).

Anyways the vet said she has lost some weight, which I can't be too sure is from what, because she has been eating really good, I am actually thinking it's because I am out of mealies for the time being, (She'd get them every other day) and I haven't had any pumpkin on hand for her ( I usually give her the pumpkin on days she doesn't get the mealies, because she loves it and I hide some flax oil in it for her dry skin). I have decresed the amount of the lighter food she eats with more of the higher proten and fat ones to try and help bulk her up though.( And I do plan on getting more mealies pumpkin, and the baby foods she lilkes soon too it's just been a pain getting around in this weather) I also figrue the Ad might help too.

Anyways, The vet asked if the foods I feed her are wet or dry, I said dry. He was saying that he thinks wet is better...has anyone heard this? He also mentioned hedgehog food. I told him in turn that I don't thing hedgehog foods are great and some are made not good things in them. He asked if she liked grapes as a way to suggest the medicine delivery. I just said no. I didn't want him to feel I was being argumentive or anything. i know in general vets don't have a good grasp of animal nutrion but does any of this sound like he's not a good choice of vet???

He also suggested getting a blood sample and skin scraping (because she has a small bald spot on her back that I noticed recently and I asked about it) but I decinded because I said I just want to watch it for now, If we have to a recheck I will, I just feel uncomfortable doing that unless we really really have to, he said he understood.

Also lastly about how soon should I see her feeling more her self with less sneezing with this treatmeant? Does it sound like a sound URI treatment to you guys?
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