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I'm thinking that if you don't know that hedgies don't have an "estrous phase" that you really need to do alot more research and learn alot more breeding before you get into it. Also be prepared for the possibility that you could lose the mom in childbirth. I lost one girl that was due with her first litter. She was fine at midnight when I last checked her before going to bed, no signs of labour. At 6 am when my husband checked she was dead. She had tried to give birth during the night, something went wrong and she bled out and died. Also if your female is already 10 months old she doesn't have much time left to have her first litter. Hedgies need to have thier first litter before they are a year old or thier pelvis fuses and they can't deliver. If she doesn't catch this time she will be to old by the time you know to safely try breeding her again.
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