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Default Losing Quills for Several Weeks

I posted in the Fall about my hedgehog's skin condition and quill loss

link here: https://www.hedgehogcentral.com/forum...infection.html

I took him to the vet several times and was optimistic about his recovery. However, he still loses between 3 and 5 quills each day. I am wondering if I should go back to the vet, go to a different vet, or perhaps something else?

His skin is still a little flaky, but the yellow crustiness he originally presented with is gone. The extreme flakiness he originally had has also cleared up quite a bit.

He does not appear to be itchy or uncomfortable. He has no noticeable bald spots either.

Treatment so far:
He has had two doses of Revolution to treat for possible mites. He had a skin scrape done and nothing unusual was found. He was prescribed a spray (Chlorhexadine) to treat his skin which we have been applying daily for about 5 weeks now. I also occasionally use Humilac on his skin to keep the flakes at bay. That was only introduced after the yellow crustiness went away and after he completed treatment for mites

Suggestions? I am at a loss and concerned about my little guy
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