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Default Re: Not eating, vomitting, green stool. Expert advice needed

Thanks everyone for your support.
PuffPuff finished her round of antibiotics on Thursday. I had been hoping that her green poop and lack of appetite would go away once she was off the meds, but she's still acting the same (it's now Sunday).

I started giving her a little bit of Activia yogurt everyday but her poop is still green.
Sometimes, after being syringe fed, she walks away wobbling and then lies down on one side like her tummy is bothering her. She'll stay on her side for a few minutes and then spread out really flat and stay in that position.

Yesterday, I picked up a few meal worms for her. At first, she chewed them all up and spat out the "skin". The second time I offered them to her, she managed to chew and swallow every one.
My question now is, how many meal worms can I give her in a day? I know they are normally supposed to be given as treats, but meal worms are now the ONLY food PuffPuff will eat on her own. She actually gets quite excited and chases after the fork. It's so good to see that she's still interested in eating. It really seems like she's just avoiding meat based foods for some reason.
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