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Well I don't have a thermometer but my room is very small and I doubt the cage is any warmer or cooler than my bed which is less than a foot away. Right now it's the same temperature as it's always been.

Normally I turn the lights out by 9 and the lights are on by 7:00. He's always asleep by about 6:00-6:30. My screen is always on the lowest brightness possible to save energy. I can barely see what's right in front of it.

When he walks he is not wobbly but he does often push things around with his head. He's done this as long as I've had him. At first it was his litter tray and food bowl but now he's pushing his wheel around, which I imagine is pretty heavy for him. I will try attach it to the cage. Is this okay or is this harming him?

I have been checking on him. There is now no loose threads and no hair that could be wrapped around his foot.

As always, when there is a loud noise or sudden movement, he will stop moving. He won't raise his spines or curl up, he'll stop moving and then he'll walk to his fleece and curl up as if he's about to fall asleep before going back to whatever he's doing. Is it possible he might not be asleep but startled, His eyes are shut so I'm pretty sure he's asleep.

He could just be sleepy. I'll try not to be paranoid.
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