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I'm glad his foot is healing! I was wondering how you two were doing.

Do you have a thermometer? Can you check his cage temperature?

What's your light and dark setup? Are there any light sources in the room (including computer screens) that could be disturbing him at night? You might need to have a light on a timer (really cheap now in post-christmas sales!) or put a cover over his cage at night to ensure real darkness.

Does his belly feel cool? When he walks, does he seem wobbly?

Do keep in mind that hedgehogs sleep a lot. Babies can sleep 23 hours a day, while adults might easily sleep 20 hours when they're totally healthy.

Have you been taking him out of his cage each night, checking him over for any wrapped threads, injuries, and general well-being? It's also important for your bonding -- handling (even if he just wants to curl up on you and sleep) is a key part of building a friendship with your friend.

If you take him out of his cage at night in a dim room, does he go exploring, or try to find a dark place to go back to sleep?
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