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Originally Posted by Hedgiepets
I am so sorry to her she is not doing well. How much does she weigh? I am wondering if she is a "fluffy" girl. She could have an enlarged heart, she sounds exhausted after you feed her. How are her teeth? Maybe soften her regular food also.

My advice would be to get her appetite stimulated. My vet would prescribe predisone for that. See if your vet will prescribe some. You can also try flat Pepsi, the sweetness helps. Give her about .5 ml every couple of hours.

The A/D is great food. High nutrient value and high fat. Easy to digest. Good luck
Thanks for your quick reply. PuffPuff has always been on the bigger side. She weighs 700grams right now and has been around this weight since she was 1. I realize this is quite large for a hedgehog but she was already on a light, high quality cat food and she has never had any health or eating problems before. The x-ray that her vet took showed that her organs were pretty normal. She has been missing one front tooth for a few months but did not have any problems with her kibble before.

I will ask my vet about predisone on Monday. I was also thinking of feeding her some probiotic yogurt. Would that be safe to give to a hedgie with tummy problems?

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