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Default Not eating, vomitting, green stool. Expert advice needed

This post is very long and sort of a last plea for help. I'm hoping someone else has had a similar experience in the past and can offer some advice.

My little girl PuffPuff is just over 3 years old. I have had her since she was a baby.
Last month, I went on holidays for 2 weeks. During this time, my mom took care of her as she had done in the past (I live with my mom, so there were no environmental changes). One day after I left, PuffPuff stopped eating her kibble (Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul-adult lite). My mom started feeding her cooked egg, corn, and chicken. She ate all three foods for a few days, and one day, after eating the chicken, she threw up. Since then, she's been refusing to eat chicken or egg. While I was away, my mom took PuffPuff to a backup vet who suspected fatty liver disease and switched her to A/D (her regular vet was not available that day).

After I returned, we took PuffPuff to her regular vet who did an x-ray and fecal test, gave her an injection for vomitting, more A/D, and prescribed Amoxicillin. She was also given some barium for the x-ray. The x-ray and fecal test came back normal. She was not given a blood test for fatty liver because she was not strong enough to be sedated.
Since returning from that vet visit, PuffPuff started having slimy green stool. She still refuses to eat on her own except for 1 or 2 bites (A/D, critical care, baby food, anything) but is still active and will drink on her own and come out at night to go to the bathroom.

On Monday, we went back for a followup visit and she was switched to a different antibiotic (Baytril). She's been on it for almost a week now, and her appetite has still not improved. She still has green stool and has lost some more weight. This week I also bought her some wax worms, which she ate on her own, but then threw up (due to the Baytril)?
Now, we are force feeding her a liquid mix of A/D, cooked chicken, and cooked liver every day. She will eat a maximum of about 10ml a day (3ml a meal, before refusing to chew).

Except for refusing to eat, PuffPuff is her normal self--just a little less energetic. She struggles really hard every time we feed her, and lies down flat on her tummy with her chin on the floor after each meal.
It breaks my heart to see my baby like this. The vet sees nothing obviously wrong with her, and I'm not sure what else to try to get her back to normal.
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