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Ahahaha, JM, you've got a baby, don't you? The epic amounts of poop a young hoglet can produce are legendary. Like, poops as big around as their leg and twice as long, then, 15 minutes later, without eating anything new, doing it again! As a physicist, I was left contemplating if hedgehogs are actually some sort of infinite-poop generator. For a while, even with careful use of waterproofing, I'd still end up having to change pants multiple times a night thanks to exuberant hoglet-pee.

On the up side, they do grow out of it. Poop is a part of life of hedgehog-ownership, but it gets a lot more sane as they grow older. Now, with my great big 10-month-old almost-adult hedgehog, accidents are downright infrequent, and mostly to do with me not paying attention.
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