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Default Hibernation attempt

I fell asleep at around 3 am and moose was wandering his cage but not running in his wheel like usual... i noticed my room had a bit of a draft so i found the culprit and got rid of it... i fell asleep pretty quickly after that... i woke up around 7 am to turn his light on and he was curled up when i realized his wheel hadnt been touched so i went to pick him up and he wouldnt uncurl.... i held him for a little bit and got my mom to heat up a magic bad and put that under his blanket i was holding him in... he fell asleep for about 5 seconds and very easily uncurled for me to hold him.... he is really active still but his belly is a little cool... he is warm enough however to go back into his cage since i have heated it more readily for now but he went straight back to his bed... he isnt curled up... he is snoozing as he normallly does... buried and stretched out... I am nervous though... I know it has been said that if they do it once they will do it again... I am a little nervous because this is his first hibernation attempt and I've never dealt with one before...

what can I do before I go to work for the day to make sure he doesnt do this again while i am gone?

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