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Default Re: About "Hip Dysplasia"?

Originally Posted by Kalandra
That x-ray looks absolutely painful.

Cosequin is glucosamine and chondroitin. I know there have been several that use these products with older hedgehogs. I use it with my older hedgehogs to help relieve arthritis symptoms and to improve mobility. If your vet thinks it may help your little one, it shouldn't hurt him. I use a human variety, as it is far cheaper than the veterinary versions. I crush a tablet by using a mortar and pestel and give it a hefty sprinkle on my hedgehog's kibble.
Wa! It's a good news!!!
But, about the dosage(using Cosequin DS), I have questions:
Q3:One, half tablet, or less?
Q4:How many times a day?

Thanks to everyone replied this Subject!!!^___^
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