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I'm assuming since you got her, you really wanted a hedgehog to begin with. I'd give it more time. A week is nothing for these guys. She is still settling into your routine, and you are still developing your routine with her. Both the smell and her behavior may drastically improve if you give it a few more weeks. It could take longer, but here are some things to also think about...

I'm assuming she's a baby. If she's a baby, in addition to the fact that they poop more, sometimes their stool tends to smell more. Add in the fact she's still very new to you, she is likely still stressing from being in a new home. Stress to these little guys can do a number on their digestive systems, and smell can be a result (as well as green or loose stools).

All of this should get better as she settles in and as she gets older (assuming she's a baby).

If she really stinks, we can also take a look at how you care for her. What she is eating, what type of cage setup you have, etc. What the color, texture, etc of her stools are like.

I know you mentioned reading and researching, but there are a lot of bad resources out there with crap care information in them. With more information in these areas, we may be able to offer recommendations on how to make improvements to make her smell less or to help you interact with her better.

Hedgehogs aren't for everyone, but the fact you are posting here tells me you likely are wanting to keep her and not give up quite yet.
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