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What food are you feeding him? Agreed with Abbys - I would stop introducing anything new at all since he's already dealing with a lot of new things at once. Hopefully his poop should start to clear up a little bit once he's no longer receiving new foods. One thing you can do is get either small mammal Bene-Bac (pet store) or acidophilus (pharmacy) to sprinkle on his food. If he eats a little of it, it can help re-establish healthy bacteria in his gut.

As far as how much he's eating, that's not really enough, so I don't blame you for being concerned about that. What temperature is his cage? Does he have a light schedule of 12-14 hours of light during the day? I would put more food in each day to make sure he's got enough - 2-3 tablespoons would be more appropriate. With how little he's eating, counting might still be a good idea so that you can still keep track of exactly how much he's eating.

If he doesn't start eating more in a day or two & if his poop doesn't start to clear up, I'd personally schedule a vet appointment in case something's going on.
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