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Unhappy Help my baby hedge hog! Don't know what's wrong

Hello! I have a baby hedge hog named Kingsley I just got a couple days ago. he was born November 4th 2013. I have the food the breeder have me and he eats, but the thing is he eats VERY LITTLE. He eats at most 8 pieces of the food daily. I've been putting around 15 peeves in his cage and he never finishes it, he is active and loves swimming he still walks around and roams like normal. But even the first day I brought him home he didn't eat a lot. I just thought it was normal until I read they should eat around 30-50 pieces!! He also has very runny poop. It's sometimes green and other times normal dark brown but it's very sticky and soft. When I first brought him home (December 20th) his poop was a bit harder. I don't no if I should be worried or not. He isn't scared.his quills are always laying back and he never tries to pop. He lets me pick him up fine too, I've tired asparagus,apples,lettuce,carrots,chicken and he eats only around 2 pieces then looses interest. Please help!! Tried syringe and he won't let me use it. He only eats when he gets up and it's only like 2 pieces every time he eats then just walks away.
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