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If she has a favourite food, like a canned cat food, baby food peas, or something like that, offer it to her. See if you can perk her interest in anything. If she shows no interest, I'd go ahead and try to syringe feed her to get a little in her stomach now. I'd also put her kibble in her bed with her. Weigh or count it before you put it in and reweigh/count tonight when you get her up. See if she eats at all from her bed. If she doesn't eat while in her bed, syringe feed her again tonight. Keeping food in her stomach is important to prevent her from trying to hibernate again. For lack of a better way to say it, she needs fuel to keep that internal furnace going.

To syringe feed, I either use a pate style canned cat food, or crush their kibble to a super fine powder and add water to make it a paste. I prefer the canned pate style cat foods as they are often simple, higher calorie, and they tend to be more palatable. But crushed food will work if you are in a pinch., you just really need to crush it fine to prevent a piece from clogging the syringe.

If she continues to fast, schedule a veterinary visit. Hibernation attempts can also be a symptom of an underlying illness.
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