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Without looking back through my records, I think we have had more with urinary issues than uterine. I think Emma (endometriosis) and Daisy (tumour) have been the only uterine issues. We thought Kei had a uterine issue because she bled right through the doses of antibiotic and nothing showed up on the sterile urine draw. She was spayed and a perfectly healthy uterus was removed and she continued to bleed. Her bleeding was sporadic and just a slight touch of pink to her urine. It ended up that she had a low grade UTI that wasn't enough to show up on the urinalysis.

Kenya had the sterile urine draw because nothing could be felt in her uterus or on xray. The urine pulled from her was red. She had crystals in her urine but also had kidney stones. Kidney stones irritate the urinary tract which causes infection and bloody urine.

Lily had urinary bleeding and we suspected possibly stones as well but she was put on a urinary diet that we found out after was part of the melamine recall. She died 3 days after starting the food.

I am totally drawing a blank on who the other UTI was.

We usually go for the sterile urine draw first. Although it didn't do any good in Kei's case, usually it is accurate at giving a diagnoses. Once done, the urine can be checked for crystals, and bacteria so that a suitable antibiotic can be given based on what type of bacteria is found. If the problem isn't urinary, it saves potential stomach upset from an antibiotic that isn't necessary. Also, if the blood is uterine, the faster that uterus is out of there the better especially if there is heavy bleeding as the hedgehog can become anemic.
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